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Frances Rapport

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Journal Articles

  • Todd, C., Christian, D., Davies, H., Rance, J., Stratton, G., Rapport, F. and Brophy, S., 2015. Headteachers' prior beliefs on child health and their engagement in school based health interventions: A qualitative study. BMC Research Notes, 8 (1).
  • Christian, D., Todd, C., Davies, H., Rance, J., Stratton, G., Rapport, F. and Brophy, S., 2015. Community led active schools programme (CLASP) exploring the implementation of health interventions in primary schools: Headteachers' perspectives. BMC Public Health, 15 (1).
  • Khanom, A., Hill, R.A., Morgan, K., Rapport, F.L., Lyons, R.A. and Brophy, S., 2015. Parental recommendations for population level interventions to support infant and family dietary choices: A qualitative study from the Growing Up in Wales, Environments for Healthy Living (EHL) study. BMC Public Health, 1-14.
  • Rapport, F., Clement, C., Doel, M.A. and Hutchings, H.A., 2015. Qualitative research and its methods in epilepsy: Contributing to an understanding of patients' lived experiences of the disease. Epilepsy and Behavior.
  • Edwards, S.L., Sergio Da Silva, A.L., Rapport, F.L., McKimm, J. and Williams, R., 2015. Recruitment of Doctors to Work in 'our Hinterland': First Results from the Swansea Graduate Entry Programme in Medicine. Rural and Remote Health, 15 (3), 1-12.
  • Rapport, F. et al., 2013. Qualitative research within trials: developing a standard operating procedure for a clinical trials unit. Trials, 14, 54.
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  • Rapport, F., Doel, M.A. and Jerzembek, G.S., 2009. "Convenient space" or "a tight squeeze": insider views on the community pharmacy. Health Place, 15 (1), 315-322.