Evaluation and Modernisation of Vocational Education for the Digital Creative Industries

Authors: Van Raalte, C., Berkowitz,, D., Forslund Persson,, A., Frierson, R., Jonsson,, T., Maparzadeh,, N., Munro, C. and Stockton,, M.


The report is the culmination of a two year project which aimed to determine best practice models for vocational education within the digital creative industries. The project was conducted with a grant from the EU-US Atlantis programme and based on a partnership between Teesside University in the UK, the University of Gävle in Sweden and the Universities of South Carolina and Iowa in the US.

The focus of the project was on the following research questions: • What are the needs of the digital creative industries in terms of education and training? • What are the attributes that employers are looking for in graduates, and to what extent are these attributes exhibited by graduates of digital creative programs? • How can higher education and industry work more effectively together to prepare students for careers in the digital creative industries?


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Preferred by: Christa Van Raalte