"Surviving Startup - Through Customer Focus" website

Authors: Erdélyi, P.


This website is an interactive learning resource in the field of marketing. It focuses on selected aspects of entrepreneurial marketing, business-to-business marketing, services marketing and relationship marketing. It is intended for owners/managers of small business-to-business service companies in the late stages of startup. A certain level of business experience is assumed but no formal post-secondary education is required to benefit from using the site. Research has shown that many startup companies would like specific support in marketing to survive the startup phase and turn into consolidated businesses. This website concentrates on marketing issues that are deemed critical for the survival of small business-to-business service companies.

The website was born out of a close collaboration between Bournemouth University and Magellan Projects Ltd. Péter Erdélyi developed the marketing content and the interactive learning tools. Professor Colin Armistead provided overall leadership. Tim Ford co-ordinated the background research and acted as project manager. Pat Emery provided e-learning expertise. Kate Doodson carried out technical development, visual design and website production.

This project was funded through the European INTERREG IIIB Atlantic Area programme which concerns trans-national co-operation in regional development. Surviving Startup forms part of the "Atlantic Net" project which involves six partner organisations from Spain, Portugal, France, UK and Ireland. The aim of the project is to simulate the creation of a transnational network to highlight the potential of advanced telecommunications services and information technologies among SMEs in the regions of the partners.


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