Digital Storytelling and Indigenous Language Rights. Films by the Quijos Nation

Authors: Sloan, S., Stepien, H. and Cheryl, M.


The films are the result of an ongoing collaboration between the Quijos Nation, Napo Province, Ecuador, and a multi-disciplinary, international team of academics and students based at Universidad de las Americas in Quito to document, preserve and promote the Quijos language, Shillipanu, using film and animation. The project has been running for two years in the form of a summer school and in 2018 the theme was Digital Storytelling and Indigenous Language Rights. Over the past two years the outputs from the project include a Wikipedia page and a Youtube channel with films and animation. Contributors include Etsa Sharupi (Quijos Nation), Ana Chaves (UDLA), Andrea Mino (UDLA), Cheryl Martens (Universidad San Francisco de Quito), Anne Schwarz (Centre for General Linguistics)Ian Martin (York University, Canada), Hilary Stepien (Bournemouth University), Mike Wilmore (Bournemouth University)

Source: Manual