Targeting disaster management: New research evidence from Sierra Leone

Authors: Miles, L.

Publisher: The Conversation


The article presents some of the key findings of the Driving African Capacity-Building in Disaster Management Final Report 2021, that represents a major comprehensive study, using Single Points of Failure (SPOF) diagnostics, of the disaster management system of Sierra Leone. It shows that solutions to delivering effective disaster risk management are not entirely about building formal systems. In many ways, formal systems are easiest to create, though expensive in Africa. The challenge lies in integrating and targeting these efforts with informal measures that can address the most pressing points that African disaster managers know from experience.

By endorsing the final report, the government of Sierra Leone acknowledges that there is an urgent need to give national and local actors ongoing support to address these single points of failure. Only by resolving the informal points can the formal – expensive – disaster risk management systems be strengthened.

Source: Manual