RSVP: A System for Communicating Patient Deterioration in Hospital Patients

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Authors: Featherstone, P.I., Chalmers, T. and Smith, G.B.

Journal: British Journal of Nursing

Volume: 17

Pages: 860-864

ISSN: 0966-0461

Communication failures are a prime cause of patient safety incidents. In a medical emergency, patient survival often depends on ward staff making an early and effective call for help. To improve communication with senior colleagues, ward staff need to create a picture that efficiently and reliably conveys their concerns so that they get the help that they need without delay. This can best be achieved though a structured call for help. The Reason-Story-Vital Signs-Plan system, used in the Acute Life--threatening Events -- Recognition and Treatment (ALERT®) course, is easy to remember in an emergency and includes the essential information enabling an experienced clinician to respond appropriate to a call for help from ward staff. The use of such a structured call for help could improve patient safety.

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