Service Quality; Strengths and Weaknesses within the Four UK Conference Venue Classifications

Authors: Whitfield, J.E.

Journal: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Volume: 12

Pages: 152-167

ISSN: 1447-6770


A survey of 3000 UK conference venues took place in 2001 as part of a PhD research program. One aspect of this research highlighted the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the UK conference sector in terms of service quality. This article provides an overview of the UK conference sector, introducing the four conference venue classifications within this sector, and outlines the developing role of service quality within it. The research identifies that there is a perception by UK conference venue providers that they offer at least some of the factors that are demanded by conference organisers and delegates in terms of service quality, such as supplying a high level of service and customer-oriented staff, and a range of meeting capacities. Additionally, this research identifies that perceived weaknesses exist within the four venue classifications, such as concerns that conference capacities may not be sufficient for the modern conference organiser.

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Preferred by: Julie Whitfield