UK Conference Venues: Past, Present and Future

Authors: Leask, A. and Whitfield, J.E.

Journal: Journal of Convention and Exhibition Management

Volume: 4

Pages: 29-54

ISSN: 1094-608X

DOI: 10.1300/J143v04n01_03


The following paper investigates the supply and demand for conference venues in the United Kingdom (U.K.) over the past 40 years. The main data relates to trends in the type of venue facilities provided in the U.K. and how the varying market sectors use these. It is suggested that the patterns of venue development have often been in response to perceived opportunity for business rather than actual demand. The concern is raised that current business levels cannot support the growing supply of venues and that continued new developments may not be the most appropriate method of approaching the situation.

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Preferred by: Julie Whitfield