Incidence of Drug and Solvent Abuse in ‘Normal’ Fourth and Fifth Year Comprehensive School Children—Some Socio-behavioural Characteristics

Authors: Pritchard, C., Fielding, M., Choudry, N., Cox, M. and Diamond, I.

Journal: British Journal of Social Work

Volume: 16

Pages: 341-351

ISSN: 0045-3102


A sample of 807 fourth and fifth formers completed a self-report study that yielded levels of solvent and drug misuse. Nineteen per cent were involved with some type of misuse, 4% with solvent abuse only, 4% with serious (hard) drug abuse and 15% drug abuse mainly involving cannabis. Significant social characteristics found amongest the abusers were higher levels of father unemployement (28%), absent parent (32%) and belonging to a larger family. Abuse was significantly asociated with under-age drinking, vandalism, truancy, fighting and smoking. The majority of the sample (95%), however, considered abuse to be a serious matter.

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