Psychiatric Targets in "Health of the Nation", Regional suicide 1974-1990 and employment prospects in 1990-1994 in Britain: precursors of failure?

Authors: Pritchard, C.

Journal: Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

Volume: 115

Pages: 120-127

ISSN: 1466-4240

DOI: 10.1177/146642409511500212


The psychiatric targets set in 'The Health of the Nation' reflect a fundamental change in auditing the psychiatric and social services, and it is argued that suicide levels have become 'Paradoxical indicators' of effectiveness. Based upon mortality rates between 1974-1990, inter-regional comparative league tables are presented. Changes in age and gender patterns, and the accumulative impact of unemployment 1990-1994, especially in the more affluent regions, suggest that the suicide targets may not be feasible. The implica tions for the community and psychiatric services are briefly discussed.

Source: Manual