Search for an Indicator of Effective Child Protection in a Re-analysis of Child Homicide in the Major Western Countries 1973–1992: A Response to Lindsey and Trocmé and Macdonald

Authors: Pritchard, C.

Journal: British Journal of Social Work

Volume: 26

Pages: 545-563

ISSN: 0045-3102



An analysis of child homicides published in the British Journal of Social Work, demonstrated major falls in child deaths in England and Wales between 1973 and 1988. The results were seen as one indicator of improved child protection (Pritchard, 1992a). That study, and a reply to a critique by Creighton (1993), were challenged by Lindsey and Trocmé (1994) and Macdonald (1995). This paper is a response, and takes advantage of the criticisms and new data to present evidence which confirms that there have been reductions in child homicide in England and Wales between 1973 and 1992 and that the Anglo-Welsh improvements were the best of all the major Western countries.

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