The Contribution of Motor Racing Sponsorship to the Product Adoption Process

Authors: Grant-Braham, B., Carter, D. and Saker, J.

Journal: International Journal of Customer Relationship Management

Volume: 1

Pages: 152-165

ISSN: 1461-4561


This paper examines the concept of sponsorship as an element of the marketing communications mix. The particular interest of the researchers is the contribution that sports sponsorship may make towards brand personality and awareness in the consumer's product adoption process. The paper is part of a pilot study that made use of a target sample in the preliminary investigation of the awareness of brands found within F1 motor racing. Previous research is confirmed by the study, which establishes high awareness for some sponsors in the form of association of their brands with F1. It does not categorically establish, though, that the total awareness may be attributed solely to sponsorship but it is recognised that complimentary promotion and advertising programmes may make sustantial contributions too. What is evident is that the research shows that awareness levels of some brands associated with F1, especially those involving tobacco, is very high amongst young adults. If the tobacco companies have been so successful in creating awareness why can this not also be turned to the advantage of many more non-tobacco brands? The paper identifies the need for more detailed research in this sphere.

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