Hotel Web Sites Mature

Authors: Grant-Braham, B. and Jones, S.

Journal: International Journal of Customer Relationship Management

Volume: 2

Pages: 163-170

ISSN: 1461-4561


Most major UK hotel groups have recognised the business relevance of the Internet by having either created their own independent websites or by joining a hotel reservation directory site. However, a small proportion of these groups has failed to establish any form of representation on the Internet at all. Although it is possible to identify a number of difficulties and limitations associated with an Internet presence, these have been found to be minor when compared to the considerable impact the relatively new medium may have upon hotel operations.

The Internet presents a range of opportunities and benefits as a communication, sales and advertising medium for UK hotel groups. The development of Internet reservation systems has had a significant effect upon sales techniques with the customer now being able to make instant, direct reservations across international boundaries.

A corporate website provides the means to advertise and promote facilities and services to customers world-wide and this form of 'electronic brochure' may be considerably cheaper to create than conventional hotel [print] brochures.

The research that prompted this paper showed that a large proportion of hotel groups operating within the UK have grasped the technology by establishing corporate web sites. These sites boast a variety of features although only forty per cent as yet have included an interactive on-line reservation facility.

The revenue potential, competitive edge and added value that can result from a corporate web site indicates that this should be a worthwhile investment for any hotel group.

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