Global perspectives: aligning agendas?

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Authors: Shiel, C. and Bourne, D.

Journal: Environmental Education Research

Volume: 15

Pages: 661-667

ISSN: 1469-5871

DOI: 10.1080/13504620903244167

In recent years there has been a growth in interest amongst a number of universities in the UK and elsewhere in the world on reflecting upon the contribution of higher education to a global society and exploring ways to broaden the curriculum to enable students to make a positive contribution to the world as ‘global citizens’.

This paper will suggest, using the UK as an example, that the policy context provides a favourable environment for such developments. However, policy documents often confuse rather than clarify precisely what needs to be addressed, despite their recognition that change is required. Students are increasingly demanding more opportunities to learn and reflect upon their role and contribution to global society and at the same time employers are seeking graduates who have a ‘broader world view’, who can manage across cultures, and who understand the need for sustainable development. Summarising the influences of these drivers, the paper proposes that through a framework of global perspectives developed at Bournemouth University in the UK, these agendas around internationalisation and sustainable development can contribute to better learning and enhance the broader work of the university.

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Authors: Bourn, D. and Shiel, C.


Volume: 15

Issue: 6

Pages: 661-677

ISSN: 1350-4622

DOI: 10.1080/13504620903244167

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