The impact of Privatisation and Employee Share-Ownership on Employee Commitment and Citizen Behaviour

Authors: McCarthy, D., Reeves, E. and Turner, T.

Journal: Economic and Industrial Democracy: an international journal

Volume: 31

Pages: 307-326

ISSN: 0143-831X

DOI: 10.1177/0143831X09351213


Based on a survey of employees in a large telecommunications company, we examine the means through which privatisation, accompanied by an Employee Share-Ownership Plan (ESOP), impact on employee commitment and organisational citizenship behaviour. Findings show that although the ESOP has in some way moderated outcomes, privatisation has had negative consequences for commitment. Despite this, 50 percent of respondents report an increased level of citizenship behaviour. In determining changes in employee commitment and behaviour, it was found that an important role is played by how employees perceive changes in conditions of employment, involvement in workplace decision-making and management-union collaboration.

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