Dermot McCarthy

Dr Dermot McCarthy

  • Principal Academic
  • Executive Business Centre EB401, Bournemouth University, 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8EB
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I was born in Kerry (Ireland) in 1980 and studied at the University of Limerick. I graduated with a bachelor of business studies in 2003, majoring in economics and finance and doing a minor in econometrics. I continued my studies at the University of Limerick, graduating with a PhD in 2007 and remaining as a post-doctorate research fellow with the university until January 2010. Since that time I have held the position of lecturer in economics at Bournemouth University.

My research interests are cross-disciplinary, encapsulating areas of economics and employee relations. More specifically, my research focuses on public-sector economics, theory of the firm, public-sector industrial relations, employee share-ownership, and employee psychology. I have published a number of papers relating to the impact of privatisation and employee share-ownership on employee attitudes and commitment in the workplace.

Journal Articles


  • McCarthy, D., 2015. Employees Financial Participation. In: Holscher, J. and Toman, H., eds. Palgrave Dictionary of Emerging Markets and Transition Economics. Springer.


  • Mccarthy, D., 2017. Caring companies and their caring employees: an examination of the relationship between PSM and CSR. In: International Research Society For Public Management (IRSPM) Conference 1-3 April 2014 Birmingham.
  • Tabvuma, V., Homberg, F. and McCarthy, D., 2014. National determinants of Public Service Motivation. In: International Research Society for Public Management Conference 9-14 April 2014 Carleton University, Ottowa, Canada.
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  • Homberg, F., Tabvuma, V. and McCarthy, D., 2013. Public Service Motivation: A meta-analytic investigation. In: International Research Society for Public Management Conference 9-12 April 2013 Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Hanson, J., Crowley, E. and McCarthy, D., 2012. GROW@BU: A strategy to use professional coaching behaviours to support student retention and success. In: Higher Education Academy Annual Conference - Great Expectations: Are you ready? 3-4 July 2012 University of Manchester. London: Higher Education Academy.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Contemporary Economic Issues
  • Business and Financial Economics
  • Workshop on Research Methods - STATA


  • International Study on Public Sector Motivation (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 01 Jan 2013). Awarded
  • Investigating Public Service Motivation Across Europe (BU Fusion Fund, 20 Mar 2012). Completed
  • Investigating Public Service Motivation Across Europe (British Academy, 01 Sep 2011). Completed
  • Role of Employee Share Ownership in Privatisation: The Case of Aer Lingus (Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 01 Sep 2008). Completed
  • Privatisation and Employee Share Ownerhips: The Case of Eircom (Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 20 Oct 2005). Completed


  • PhD in Economics (University of Limerick, 2008)


  • P4 Research Group, Associate,