Implications and Issues for London Site Residents

Authors: Sadd, D. and Jones, I.

Journal: London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Studies

Volume: 1

Pages: 22-29

ISSN: 1755-1897


The Olympic Delivery Authority have agreed to undertake in the process of organizing the London 2012 Games, one of the biggest urban regeneration projects seen in Europe for many years, destined to create a new town the size of Exeter once the Games have finished (ODA, 2006). Through examining past Olympic Games, this paper explores some of the soft legacy implications of the London 2012 Games and in particular the fate of the only ‘residents’ being relocated from the Olympic Site, twenty-one traveller families. The paper concludes with a discussion on how legacy can be sustainable and for the benefit of the whole community rather than particular sections.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Debbie Sadd and Ian Jones