Debbie Sadd

Dr Debbie Sadd

  • 01202 961265
  • dsadd at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Principal Academic
  • Dorset House D101b, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Debbie Sadd is a Principal Academic in the Department of Events and Leisure within the Faculty of Management at Bournemouth University, where she is the Head of Education for the Department of Events & Leisure as well as teaching Strategy and Leadership and Marketing on both the undergraduate and postgraduate Events programmes. She also has undertaken guest lectures within Sports Management programmes both in the UK and overseas. Debbie’s PhD used both Sydney and Barcelona as case studies to develop a framework of best practice for London 2012 in relation to stakeholder identification. Her current research interests include the social impacts of events, urban regeneration opportunities from events, stakeholder management, and legacy planning. Other activities include being part of the ESRC funded Sports Tourism initiative (STORMING) to undertake research into Sports Tourism opportunities and challenges, and the F.A.M.E. framework of event evaluation (HEIF Funded) and the FestiM project using social media to measure event reach...


Journal Articles


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PhD Students

  • Rutendo Musikavanhu, 2018. Fostering Community Support for Mega Events: A narrative inquiry of stories and experiences in the context of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Gary Evans by publication
  • Corinna Budnarowska, 2024. A narrative study of opinion leaders’ attitudes towards co-creation in the design process of prestige branded trainer purchases.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Event Principles and Practice

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Marketing for Events, Strategy and Leadership

Invited Lectures

  • Footprints in the void, the perils of social media, Bournemouth University, 01 Nov 2016 more
  • Olympic Legacies, Bournemouth University, 01 Mar 2010 more
  • Bournemouth University adn its Olympic Legacies, Tokyo, Japan, 18 Dec 2015 more


  • Volunteer Histories: A digital database and digital museum of Olympic volunteer journeys (FP7-­‐PEOPLE-­‐2013-­‐IEF, 01 Sep 2014). Completed
  • Sustainable Empowerment through Volunteering - Lessons from London 2012 (Leverhulme, 01 Aug 2014). Completed
  • Cultural Events Impact Monitor (BU Fusion Fund, 02 Sep 2013). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • Robert Gordon University, External Examiner (2012-2016)

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Advising 16-18yr olds on business ideas
  • Public event to learn more about using social media more effectivelyboth for personal and (small) business use
  • Festival Maker Volunteering Programme
  • Bournemouth University Festival of Learning Public Engagement
  • ESRC funded event in ESRC Festival of Social Sciences
  • 5 Public talks on being an Olympic Torch bearer

Conference Presentations

  • 1st Tourism Educators of South Africa, FAME - a learning destination, 21 Sep 2016, Radisson Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa,
  • Association of Event Management Education (AEME) 2015 Forum, Creative Approaches to Teaching at Bournemouth University, 15 Jul 2015, Falmouth University, Falmouth
  • Crossing Spaces, What is 'community'?, 24 Apr 2013, Bartlett School, University College London
  • Festive Future Straight Ahead IFEA Europe Annual Conference 2013 IFEA Europe, Event Management Education.Festival and Events practice, education, research, and professional development: Harnessing opportunities, 30 Jan 2013, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Bournemouth University Education Enhancement Conference 2011, Footprints in the Void: do students understand their 'digital footprint' in relation to their employability?, 04 May 2011, Bournemouth University
  • Global Events Congress IV: Events and Festivals Research: State of the Art, The 3 R's of Olympic Legacy, 14 Jul 2010, Leeds, England
  • 2nd Annual Postgraduate Researcher Conference, Mega-Events, Community Stakeholders and Legacy: London 2012, 02 Oct 2009, Bournemouth University, England
  • London 2012 Legacy: Concepts, Methodologies and Practices, The 3 R’S of Olympic Legacy; regeneration, renaissance, rejuvenation, 24 Jun 2009, Brunel University, London
  • The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Regional Implications and Strategies., London's Elusive Social Legacy, 20 Feb 2009, Salomons Business Centre, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Olympic week at Groningen University, Holland, Olympic Sponsorship, 15 Apr 2008, Groningen University, Holland
  • Making Space: Leisure, Tourism and Renewal, Role of community participation in leisure and tourism planning, 11 Jun 2006, University of the West of England

Consultancy Activities

  • Contemporary Marketing, Seminar and workshops. Corinthia Hotels


  • MSc in Tourism and Planning (Bournemouth University, 2004)
  • PhD in Mega Events, Community Stakeholders London 2012 (Bournemouth University, 2012)


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Bournemouth University, 2012)
  • Olympic Torch Bearer (LOCOG, 2012)


  • Chartered Management Institute, Fellow (2017-),
  • Higher Education Academy, Fellow (2012-),

Broadcast Interview

  • Olympic Legacies Facebook live feed, Discussion post Rio 2016 of major Olympic and Paralympic stories
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