Level set methods based on distance function

Authors: Wang, D., Tang, Y., Yu, H. and Tang, Z.

Journal: Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

Volume: 24

Pages: 950-960

ISSN: 0253-4827

DOI: 10.1007/BF02446501


Some basic problems on the level set methods were discussed, such as the method used to preserve the distance function, the existence and uniqueness of solution for the level set equations. The main contribution is to prove that in a neighborhood of the initial zero level set, the level set equations with the restriction of the distance function have a unique solution, which must be the signed distance function with respect to the evolving surface. Some skillful approaches were used: Noticing that any solution for the original equation was a distance function, the original level set equations were transformed into a simpler alternative form. Moreover, since the new system was not a classical one, the system was transformed into an ordinary one, for which the implicit function method was adopted.


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Preferred by: Hongchuan Yu