Localising fish using PIT telemetry: determining the role of species, environmental conditions and tracking method

Authors: Cucherousset, J., Britton, J.R., Beaumont, W.R.C., Nyqvist, M., Sievers, K. and Gozlan, R.E.

Journal: Journal of Fish Biology

Volume: 76

Pages: 1039-1045

ISSN: 0022-1112


The efficiency of portable passive integrated transponder (PIT) telemetry at detecting five fish species in a small river was evaluated under different environmental and tracking conditions. Significant differences between species were apparent, with detection efficiency varying between 0·7% (Leuciscus leuciscus) and 43·1% (Salmo trutta). Conditions of reduced flow and tracking in a downstream direction significantly increased detection efficiency for salmonids, while time of day had no significant effect for any species.

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Preferred by: Robert Britton