Copper alloy bar-ingots from Ballacreggan Farm, Port St Mary

Authors: Clucas, R., Darvill, T. and Kelly, A.

Journal: Proceedings of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society, 2 April 2007-March 2009

Volume: 12

Pages: 295-300


In September 2003 permission was obtained from Mr Robert Cooil of Ballacreggan Farm, Port St Mary, to undertake metal detector surveys on his farmland. On 8 September 2003 one of the authors (RC) was detecting in a stubble field west of the farm at NGR SC206683 when he discovered a small cigar-shaped copper-alloy bar-ingot. Return visits on the 9 September 2003, and again in October of the same year, brought to light a further five similar pieces, all within a small area of no more than ten square metres. A small stone axe described below was found about 70m to the southeast and in, September 2008, a further ingot, identical in form to those discovered earlier, was found in an adjacent field. Little else appears to have been reported from the vicinity, although the Ballacreggan area is well-known for its standing stones and crosses. This short report provides a description of the ingots and stone axe, sets out the results of a chemical analysis of the ingots found in 2003, and concludes with a short discussion focusing on the date and cultural affinities of these important finds.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Timothy Darvill