The future of UK non-terrestrial television broadcasters: moving from uncertainty to competitive strategy.

Authors: Wills, A. and Oliver, J.

Journal: The International Journal on Media Management

ISSN: 1424-1277


The UK television industry operates in a highly turbulent environment characterised by the rapid changes in; regulation, technology, audience behaviour and new media consumption. This competitive environment makes it difficult for television companies to identify strategies for growth and may indeed place their very survival at risk. This paper investigates the future of the non-terrestrial television broadcasters in the UK and examines how they can maintain and develop their position as major outlets for television consumption over the medium term. Empirical data was collected using a scenario planning methodology which is widely known for its value in addressing environmental uncertainty by illustrating the future as having a limited number of plausible outcomes. A range of experienced industry practitioners participated in the development of four future scenarios, based on the degree of technological convergence and the number of television gatekeepers present in the industry. Having evaluated the implications of each scenario, and identified a number of early indicators that would signpost which was most likely to come about, the participants suggested a strategic mix that non-terrestrial television broadcasters might adopt to compete effectively in the future. These strategies included; investing in and owning original and exclusive content; forming strategic partnerships with other media companies; making significant investment in channel brands.

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