The link between post-qualification experience and self-confidence ratings in two problem-solving domains: a study of radiation therapists

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Authors: Ferris, H., McKenzie, K., Thomas, K. and Craig, A.

Journal: Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice

Volume: 6

Pages: 225-228

ISSN: 1467-1131

DOI: 10.1017/S1460396907006140

Recognising one’s abilities and limits in clinical tasks is a valuable part of professionalism. This study investigated the self-ratings of problem-solving confidence of radiation therapists (RTs) in two domains: clinical scenarios and critical thinking items (CTIs). We divided the 60 participants into three groups based on post-qualification experience (PQE), and found that greater PQE was linkedwith higher selfrated confidence for clinical scenarios, but not for CTIs.

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