3D Steganography Models

Authors: Dupac, M. and Constantinescu, N.

Journal: Annals of University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Volume: 35

Pages: 97-102

ISSN: 1223-6934


In this paper the way to communicate over a network by two parties, how to agree on a symmetrical encryption and how a cryptographic key is created will be discussed.

The paper review a new proposed method, starting from sharing a common information. The di erence reside in the way the information is combined inside the original image. Starting from the classic form of hiding information in a particular and characteristic image, a speci c message will be hidden in a 3D natural environment scene. The 3D scene is generated using a grayscale height map (for terrain generation) and a Lindenmayer system (for the generation of plants). It is intended to include the common information inside a layer part of a multilayer image.


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Preferred by: Mihai Dupac