DNA fragmentation, linear velocity and fertilising ability of reactivated cry op reserved goldfish sperm using different cryoprotectants

Authors: Nathanailides, C., Chanzaropoulos, T., Barbouti, A., Perdikaris, C. and Zhang, T.

Journal: Biotechnology

Volume: 10

Issue: 6

Pages: 514-520

eISSN: 1682-2978

ISSN: 1682-296X

DOI: 10.3923/biotech.2011.514.520


The motility, fertilising ability and DNA integrity of freeze-thawed goldfish sperm was evaluated using computer-aided sperm motility analysis and the comet assay. The results indicate that sublethal effects during the freeze-thawing procedure compromised sperm fertilising ability, DNA integrity, velocity linearity and the duration of swimming. Compared to 10% Ethylene glycol (EG), 5% and 10% Egg yolk (EY) and DMSO treated sperm exhibited higher percentage of motile sperm and higher path velocity (VAP); straight-line velocity (VSL) linearity (LIN), DNA integrity and fertilising ability. There was a low but significant (r = 0.67, p<0.05) correlation between DNA integrity and the maximum Duration of Forward Progressive Swimming (DFPS) ability of cryopreserved goldfish sperm. DNA integrity and to a lesser degree the simple assessment of the DFPM of thawed sperm may be reliable indicators of sperm integrity for the development and the rapid assessment of fish sperm cryopreservation protocols. © 2011 Asian Network for Scientific Information.

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