Cadbury Castle, Devon, Reconsidered

Authors: Wilkes, E.M., Griffith, F.M., Quinnell, H., Allason-Jones, L. and Randall, C.

Journal: Archaeological journal

Volume: 169

Issue: 1

Pages: 237-280

eISSN: 2373-2288

ISSN: 0066-5983

DOI: 10.1080/00665983.2012.11020915


Geophysical survey has shed new light on the history of Cadbury Castle, a hillfort of presumed Iron Age date situated west of the Exe Valley in Devon. At least two prehistoric phases of development have been identified, as well as a previously unknown additional external line of defence which is tentatively suggested to date from the seventeenth-century Civil War. In addition, the finds from a nineteenth-century ‘excavation’ of a shaft or well in the interior are reviewed and found to represent a significant assemblage of late Roman date, possibly suggestive of the survival of pre-Christian practices.

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Cadbury Castle, Devon, reconsidered

Authors: Wilkes, E.M. and Griffith, F.M.

Journal: Archaeological Journal

Volume: 170

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