A personal narrative of a Muslim woman’s journey in the hospitality industry

Authors: Osman, H. and Brown, L.

Journal: Hospitality Review

Pages: 13-17

ISSN: 1464-9101


This is a work-in-progress paper that offers an autobiographical exploration of the journey of a Muslim woman in the UK hospitality industry. As the researcher is the primary source of data, autoethnography is used as the method of data collection. Autoethnography is a first person account of an individual’s experience, which is used to shed light on larger cultural patterns. Primary finding from this account implied the need for mangers to extend more effort to integrate Muslim migrant workers in the UK hospitality industry. Further research is needed to explore Muslim migrants’ experiences in the UK hospitality industry and the current managerial practices to integrate them.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Hanaa Osman