Hanaa Osman

Dr Hanaa Osman

  • Principal Academic In Tourism and Hospitality
  • Dorset House D104, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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My research interests are in the areas of culture and the experiences of ethnic migrant workers the UK hospitality industry. I am also interested in autoethnography which is the study and reflection on self which may impact on a wider society and culture. I am currently working on research into Muslim women experiences in the UK hospitality industry using Auto autoethnography to reflect on my own experience. I teach consumer experience and behaviour to level I students in hospitality management and supervise a number of M Sc dissertation that also relate to my research interests.


Gender and Tourism

Emotional Intelligence in Hospitality

Commercial Hospitality and Tourists' experiences

Muslim Females in Hospitality

Journal Articles


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PhD Students

  • Clare Fung, 2013. Investigating the occupational commitment of hospitality educators in Hong Kong
  • NGUYEN THI THAO QUYNH, 2014. Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) among hotel employees during interactions with co-workers and customers in Vietnam

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Masters dissertation supervision in a number of areas including ethnic restaurants, street food, emotional labour, and and employee motivation.

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Global Hospitality- Level 4 BAIHM
  • Consumer Experience and Behaviour, Level 5 BAIHM
  • Food, Culture and Travel- Level 6 option unit.


  • Perception of western female Tourists in Egypt (Bournemouth Unviersity, 22 Mar 2019). Awarded
  • Talent Management in the hotel Industry (QR funds, 08 Nov 2016). In Progress
  • CPD income (Hall and Woodhouse Group, 14 Apr 2014). Completed

Internal Responsibilities

  • Unit leader, Food, Culture and travel- Option unit/ level 6
  • Unit leader, Global Hospitality- Level 4
  • Unit Leader, Unit leader: Consumber Experience and Behaviour- Level 5
  • Academic Advisor, Department of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Global Engagement Lead for Tourism and Hospitality, Global Engagement
  • Study Abroad Academic Co-ordinator, Department of Tourism and Hospitality

Journal Reviewing/Refereeing

  • International Journal of Tourism Management, Anonymous peer review, 01 Apr 2014
  • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Anonymous peer review, 20 Oct 2008

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • A poster display on Saturday the 25th to celebrate students’ success stories while studying and/or working abroad.
  • Poster showcasing conducting research with students as part of the delivery of Consumer Experience and Behaviour unit for level 5 BAIHM


  • HEA, Fellow (2014-),
  • The council for Hospitality Management Education, Member (2008-),
  • Institute of Hospitality, Member,
  • The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (CHE), Member,

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