Craft, factory or profession? Institutional logics in research supervision

Authors: Nordberg, D. and Rieple, A.

Journal: Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings

Volume: Meeting Abstract Supplement

Issue: 1

Publisher: Academy of Management

DOI: 10.5465/AMBPP.2012.84


According to Halse and Malfroy (2010) research supervision should be viewed as a profession. Professions have their own institutional, explicit, stated norms. But in the world of contemporary higher education, the institutionalized, bureaucratic, aspects of professional life sometimes conflict with the expectations and behavior of professionals. This paper examines the developments in the practices of research supervision through the lens of new institutional theory. Our paper identifies three competing institutional logics around the creation of knowledge: the traditional "craft" approach, an emerging "factory" mentality of measurable outcomes, and a middle way – a "professional" logic.

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