Patient choice and the older person as a consumer in primary care

Authors: Harding, A., Sanders, F., Medina-Lara, A., van Teijlingen, E., Wood, C., Galpin, D., Baron, S. and Crowe, S.

Journal: eBU: Online Journal


In the English National Health Service (NHS) patients, in a role akin to that of a consumer, are expected to navigate local health economies. Patients are now expected to choose a time and place of treatment, the actual treatment, and to take responsibility for these choices. However, there is evidence to indicate that attitudes and abilities to making choices are relatively sophisticated and not as straightforward as policy developments suggest. In addition, there is little research on whether making individual choices about care is regarded as a priority by the largest NHS patient group – older people. This paper examines the theory, evidence and research on older people and patient choice as a means of accessing and engaging with healthcare provision.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Edwin van Teijlingen, Sue Baron and Sheetal Sharma