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I am an academic and lecturer in the Department of Nursing Sciences. I am also a Registered Nurse, Registered Nurse Teacher, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and member of the Q Community, a network of UK healthcare improvers. I completed my part-time PhD ‘Exploring the Patient Journey; a collaborative and person-centred approach to healthcare improvement’ at Bournemouth University in 2014, and the learning from this underpins and inspires every aspect of my work today, including my research interests which continue to be focused on person-centred care, lived experience, patient and public involvement, quality and safety improvement, promoting fair and just cultures of learning rather than blame, therapeutic communication and relationships, and innovative approaches to nurse education, including simulation.

My most recent projects have involved working with academics (in the UK, Australia and Canada), service users, clinicians, and BU undergraduate and post-graduate students. Outputs from these collaborations include a variety of films aimed at providing insights into different aspects of people’s healthcare experiences...



Baron, S. E M, 2014. Exploring the patient journey: a collaborative approach to patient-centred improvement in healthcare. Doctorate Thesis (Doctorate). Bournemouth University

Research interest - simulation/simulated practice involving service users as authentic rather than standardised 'patients'; use of simulation to promote safe, person-centred care and practice; e-simulation toolkit to promote and strengthen empathy in health. Outputs to date include:

1) Co-author of ‘Snapshots of Simulation: Innovative Strategies used by International Educators to Enhance Simulation Learning Experiences for Health Care Students' (Andersen et al 2018). This paper profiles a diverse range of innovative, cost-effective and tested simulation approaches that have been implemented by nursing educators from a range of countries. 2) In collaboration with colleagues from BU and Universities of Brighton and Calgary in Canada, contributed to discussions, design and planning for multi-site international research project ‘The Impact of Simulation on Increasing Competence and Self-efficacy of Nursing Students in Recognition and Response to the Rapidly Deteriorating Patient’. This project is led by Dr Sandra Goldsworthy, Associate Dean Teaching Learning and Technology and Associate Professor, University of Calgary, Canada. 3) Enhancing empathy through e-simulation; plans for BU led and international research project to measure the impact of an open access e-simulation toolkit on student' empathy are in initial stages. The project team(s) has/have yet to be formalised but will include Professor Tracy Levett-Jones. University of Technology, Sydney. 4) involvement of service users (authentic patients), rather than actors or standardised patients, in simulated practice and the impact of this on student learning...


Research interest: Communication challenges in palliative and end of life care, and coping with death and dying.

In 2018, I worked with a local hospice, Lewis Manning, as the BU member of the organising committee for an end of life care conference ‘Dying in a Modern World’ hosted by BU. The conference was attended by more than 100 delegates, almost 50% of whom were final year nursing students. Feedback from delegates emphasised the importance of events such as this, and the opportunity it gave for networking and sharing ideas as well as hearing from and meeting with inspirational speakers. These included Professor Sam Porter from BU, Dr Linda Thompson from Lewis Manning, and Seamus O’Mahoney, Consultant Gastroenterologist and author of the book ‘The Way We Die Now'.

I have also been involved with developing educational resources in collaboration with colleagues, students, and external experts. These aim to prepare and support health professional students for coping with challenging conversations associated with end of life care in practice, including breaking bad news, and coping with bereavement both in practice and in their personal life. Resources include recorded lectures and films developed with and by former BU Chaplain, Canon Dr Bill Merrington, which are currently accessible in a unit 'Therapeutic Communication in Adult Nursing' developed for student nurses.

Research interest - lived experience of service users and, or, service providers in healthcare. The outcomes and wider impact of my PhD demonstrated that understanding the lived experience of service users and providers, and involving service users and service providers in the review of health or social care services, people's experiences, or educational programmes for health and social care staff, is vital if a fair and just, learning culture is to replace a culture of blame, and person-centred, sustainable, quality improvement is to be consistently and effectively achieved. Examples of project work to date include 1) In 2017 I contributed to a grant application to Wellbeing of Women with Visiting Professor Sam Rowland and Prof, Edwin van Teilingen. We were seeking funding to support an action research study that would investigate women's and staff' experiences of early termination of pregnancy (abortion) and associated services for the purpose of learning and sustainable improvement. In 2017/18 I was co-supervisor of a Master's project which investigated university student perceptions of termination of pregnancy (abortion). This was successfully completed by student in 2018. 2) I contributed as lead of three, funded co-creation projects with final year students from our Faculty of Media and Communication to develop films which provide insights into 3 different people's experiences of using technology to manage life with a long-term health condition. These films can be accessed on Bournemouth University's Public Involvement in Education and Research (BU PIER) website...



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  • Baron, S., 2014. Exploring the patient journey: a collaborative approach to patient-centred improvement in healthcare. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University, School of Health and Social Care.

Journal Articles


  • Baron, S., Pretty, K., Warren, A. and Ross, H., 2018. Using digital technology to enhance learning: Raising awareness, building knowledge and addressing stereotypes through filmed accounts of real-life experiences. In: NETNEP2018: 7th International Nurse Education Conference 6-9 May 2018 Banff, Canada.
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  • Baron, S., 2015. The Patient Journey: A collaborative, structured and people-centred approach to improving health services, experiences and care. In: Service Excellence Conference: Bournemouth University - Making a Difference together 22 April 2015 Bournemouth.
  • Baron, S., 2015. The Patient Journey: A collaborative, structured and people-centred approach to improving health services, experiences and care. In: Circle of Learning: Student Inspired Service Excellence event, Bournemouth University 20 April 2015 Bournemouth.



Profile of Teaching PG

  • BU Doctoral College Researcher Development Programme: Research Design: Action Research (A1)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Fundamental Communication in Nursing
  • Identifying Knowledge for Practice
  • Developing Knowledge for Practice
  • Therapeutic Communication in Adult Nursing
  • Preparation for Role of Registered Nurse
  • Reviewing Literature to Inform Practice
  • Service Improvement Projects
  • Evaluating Knowledge for Practice


  • Patient journey action research in an NHS early medical abortion service (Wellbeing of Women, 01 Jan 2018). Completed
  • CSUP project to enable the development of digital learning resources (UoA25 (Education), 01 May 2016). Completed
  • GPs, Patient Choice and Older People in Bournemouth: Best Practice Protocols (Royal College of General Practitioners)

External Responsibilities

  • Bournemouth and Poole College of Further Education, Educational Partnership - Nurse Apprenticeships (2017-)
  • Alzheimer's UK/Dementia Friends, Dementia Champion (2016-),
  • NHS Choices Research Panel, Member (2015-)
  • NHS National Institute for Health Research Dissemination Centre, Rater (2015-)
  • Nurse Education Today, Reviewer (2013-)
  • British Medical Association Patient Information Awards, Reviewer (2013-)
  • Hearts in Healthcare, Member

Internal Responsibilities

  • Leader, Therapeutic Communication in Adult Nursing Unit
  • Academic Lead, Student Nurse Council
  • Member, Faculty Level 5/I Assessment/Resit Boards
  • Member, BU Service User and Carer Involvement Steering Group
  • Member, HSS Student Experience Forum
  • Member, HSS Education and Student Experience Committee
  • Member, HSS/PDU steering group for nursing
  • Member, HSS Nurse Academic Forum
  • Member, Programme and Framework Team and Management Meetings
  • Member, Faculty Academic Board
  • Member, Education and Professional Practice Community
  • Member, Humanising Health and Social Care at BU Special Interest/Research Group
  • Member, Centre for Excellence in Learning Employability Working Group
  • Academic Adviser/Personal tutor to student nurses, UG Student Nursing
  • Member, HSC Practice Development Unit accreditation steering group
  • Member, BU Women's Academic Network
  • Department Lead - Apprenticeships in Nursing, New Nursing Curriculum Steering Group - member
  • Co-creator/co-project-lead with final year student, BU CEL Co-creation project


  • PGCE in Education Practice (Higher Education Academy, 2015)
  • PhD in Patient-centred improvement in healthcare (Bournemouth University, 2014)
  • BSc (Hons) in Clinical Nursing - Adult (Bournemouth University, 2005)


  • Nominee for Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience award (Student Nurse Council, 2015)
  • Fellow of HEA (Higher Education Academy (HEA), 2015)
  • Fellow (High Education Academy, 2015)


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