“Driving” spectator satisfaction and likelihood of repeat attendance —some evidence from the Macau Grand Prix

Authors: Whitfield, J., Dioko, L.A.N. and Boyce, P.

Journal: Sport Management Review


As the economic significance of sporting events to destinations is crystallised, research has sought to identify the determinants of spectator satisfaction. A positive relationship between satisfaction and intent to return has been identified, whereby an increase in satisfaction brings increased repeat visitation. This study examines what racing event and demographic attributes drive spectator satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat attendance? Macau Grand Prix attendees were questioned and the study affirms the importance of four racing event dimensions (event amenities, degree of race excitement, atmosphere and safety as well as economic considerations) as crucial in satisfying spectators, regardless of their demographic profiles. However, to enhance repeat viewing, race organizers need to not only maintain performance on those four dimensions but also be also selective in the type of spectator segments they wish to attract again. This results support the view that motorsports racing is evolving into a more mainstream sporting attraction.

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