Assessing Performance Determinants of Higher Education Academics in Developed and Emerging Economies: UK vs. Vietnam

Authors: McCarthy, D., Bui, H. and Sum Chau, V.

Journal: Strategic Change

Volume: 22

Pages: 371-385

Publisher: Wiley Online Library

DOI: 10.1002/jsc.1946


The analysis of two major universities in the UK and Vietnam reveals that individual characteristics determine both academic teaching and research performance regardless of the development stage of their economic context.

Tenure is found to be a significant determinant of research performance. Organizational characteristics are found to have no statistically significant impact on academics’ performance. Academia remains a profession dominated by a strong individualistic approach to work and academics tend to be more committed to their career development than their organization’s interests. The lack of a significant relationship between organizational factors and academic performance should raise critical questions for higher education managers prior to considering costly organizational reforms.

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