FAP- anion ionic liquids used in the lubrication of a steel-steel contact

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Authors: Viesca, J.L., García, A., Hernández Battez, A., González, R., Monge, R., Fernández-González, A. and Hadfield, M.

Journal: Tribology Letters

Volume: 52

Issue: 3

Pages: 431-437

This study compares the tribological behavior of two ionic liquids ([BMP][FAP] and [(NEMM)MOE][FAP]) used as oil additive for the lubrication of a steel-steel contact. Friction and wear experiments were performed using a HFRR test machine. Friction coefficient and electrical contact resistance were measured during the tests, and the wear surface was analyzed by confocal microscopy and XPS. The tribological results showed that both ionic liquids used as additive decrease friction and wear but the [BMP][FAP] had a better performance than the [(NEMM)MOE][FAP] due to its higher reactivity with the steel. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

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