"Is this a book?" DC Vertigo and the redefinition of comics in the 1990s

Authors: Round, J.

Pages: 14-30


Not only comics publishing but also perceptions of it have changed radically during this century, and the comic book has become a graphic novel, invoking notions of permanence, literariness, and artistry. In Chapter Three, Chris Murray considers the emergence of literary themes and allusions in DC Comics during the 1980s as a consequence of British writers crossing the Atlantic and entering the U.S. comics industry. This chapter offers a complementary examination of the technological changes and marketing innovations that contributed to the redefinition of comics at the end of the twentieth century, specifically with regard to the role of DC Vertigo and the rise of the graphic novel and trade paperback in the 1990s. It will draw on the expertise of Karen Berger, DC Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of the Vertigo imprint, and Steve White, Senior Editor at Titan Comics(who handle DC's reprints for the UK market). © 2010 by University Press of Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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