Online Trust Antecedents and its Consequences on Purchase Intention, An integrative Approach.

Authors: Ben Mansour, K. and Kooli, K.

Journal: Journal of Customer Behaviour


Abstract Various typologies of online trust determinants have been suggested. Although abundant literature has examined online trust, the different approaches were rarely integrated to address antecedents and consequences of online trust on perceived risk and online purchase intention. This paper addresses this gap by adopting an integrative approach to online trust. A survey was carried out using a sample of 401 online consumers in Indonesia. The findings showed that purchase intention is determined by perceived risk and online trust. Besides, there is a significant impact of personality based trust (benevolence, integrity, and credibility), cognitive based trust (reputation and cost benefit calculation) and institutional based trust (situation normality) on online trust.

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Preferred by: Kaouther Kooli

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