Mathematical Modelling of Different Types of Body Support Surface for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

This source preferred by Tamas Hickish, Jonathan Cole, Mahbub Mishu and Venky Dubey

Authors: Mishu, M.C., Dubey, V.N., Hickish, T. and Cole, J.

Journal: International Journal of Medical, Pharmaceutical Science and Engineering

Volume: 8

Issue: 5

Pages: 209-214

Pressure ulcer is a common problem for today’s healthcare industry. It occurs due to external load applied to the skin.

Also when the subject is immobile for a longer period of time and there is continuous load applied to a particular area of human body, blood flow gets reduced and as a result pressure ulcer develops. Body support surface has a significant role in preventing ulceration so it is important to know the characteristics of support surface under loading conditions. In this paper we have presented mathematical models of different types of viscoelastic materials and also we have shown the validation of our simulation results with experiments.

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