Improving pump efficiency by modifying the size and shape of the anti pre-rotation vane

Authors: Dupac, M. and Furley, G.

Journal: Transactions of FAMENA

Volume: 36

Issue: 1

Pages: 45-54

ISSN: 1333-1124


This paper presents a design simulation of an anti pre-rotation vane in a centrifugal pump. This is a subject that has not been researched extensively, however, with access to the modern computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology it is possible to test many new designs without making castings of each design. There are many ideas about what shape the vanes should be, but currently most pump manufacturers rely on a single straight vane. This paper explores the use of multiple vanes, curved vanes and helical vanes. It also presents simulations of the improved anti pre-rotation vane and gives an indication of how much more efficient the pump would be with such a vane.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Mihai Dupac