The Greek Indignants through the domestic TV news bulletins.

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Authors: Veneti, A., Poulakidakos, S. and Theologou, K.

Journal: Estudos em Comunicação (Communication Studies)

Volume: 12

Pages: 107-134

ISSN: 1646-4974

The Greek fiscal crisis kicked off many structural changes within the Greek society. Among these the uprising of a new form of protest, the movement of “indignados” (Spanish word meaning indignants in English, aganaktismeni in Greek). The paper surveys the ways in which the specific movement was presented to the public by the domestic TV news bulletins. The proposed research relies theoretically on the framing analysis approach, aiming to elaborate on the Media point of view regarding the specific social movement. The research method is media monitoring and analysis (stemming from the research rationale of content analysis).

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