Political Marketing Management of Parliament under the Presidential Government System: A Lesson Learn from the Indonesia House of Representative Post-New Order Soeharto

Authors: Ahmad, N.

Journal: Journal of Political Marketing

Volume: 16

Issue: 2

Pages: 71-94

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

DOI: 10.1080/15377857.2014.959692


Modern political marketing managements of parties, government and parliament have gradually taken place within and across democratic countries those ruled under either the parliamentary government or presidential government systems. Little attention however, has been directed to explore the extent to which modern political marketing management of parliament has taken place within countries those run under the presidential system of government especially Indonesia. As led by hypothetical-inductive approach, this work has been specifically directed to explore: a) the dynamic exchanges and interactions; b) the nature and structure of political market arenas; c) types of political products; and d) models of political marketing management of the Indonesian parliament/ the Indonesian House of Representative. Having them, this work goes into the extent to which the institutional marketing management strategies has been advanced by the Indonesian Parliament/the Indonesian House of Representative since Post-New Order Soeharto up to SBY’ governments era (2004-2014).

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Nyarwi Ahmad

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