Multi-agent animation techniques for traffic simulation in urban environments

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Authors: Tang, W. and Wan, T.R.

Journal: Journal of WSCG (Winter School of Computer Graphics)

Volume: 12

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Authors: Tang, W. and Wan, T.R.

Journal: 13th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2005, WSCG'2005 - In Co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS, Full Papers

Pages: 161-164

This paper presents a traffic simulation system based on multi-agent animation method. The behaviour model of individual virtual agent defines the driving characteristics of the vehicle agent and cell-based configurations allow real-time dynamic path planning and efficient traffic flow simulations. By incorporating the advantages of discrete cellular automation algorithms and the continuous model of fluid dynamics, our 3D virtual reality traffic simulation system achieves realistic and accurate simulations in virtual environments. Copyright UNION Agency - Science Press.

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