A qualitative inquiry into customers’ perspective on branding and the role of digital technologies in B2B: A case study of Panasonic

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Authors: Strong, J. and Bolat, E.

Editors: Kooli, K. and Baker, M.



Journal: Journal of Customer Behaviour

Volume: 15

Issue: 1

Pages: 97-116

Publisher: Westburn Publishers Ltd

ISSN: 1477-6421

DOI: 10.1362/147539216X14594362873613

Branding is a well-researched notion in the B2C environment but a concept unexplored in the B2B context. Conceptually, similar to B2C organisations digital communication via digital tools and devices allows B2B organisations experiencing benefits of exposing their brands to a wider audience. In reality questions of whether branding is purposeful in the B2B context and what role digital technologies play in the B2B branding remain open. This study explores branding in the B2B context using Panasonic as a case study, to consider the value of B2B branding from the B2B customer (buyer) perspective. Results indicate that B2B branding is of importance in the B2B context, in particular for an organisation such as Panasonic where reputation is a driving force of attracting new B2B customers and nurturing long-terms relationships with existing B2B customers. Moreover, this study concludes that whilst use of digital technologies enables portraying brand perceptions about Panasonic, digital technologies are yet to be fully embraced for the purpose of branding in the B2B context.

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