Exploring Information Technology Capability: Multiple Aspects of the Resource-Based View Information and Organization.

Authors: Roushan, G., G, L. and Cheng-Hao, S.C.

Journal: Information and Organization


This study focuses on exploring information technology (IT) capability from multiple aspects of the resource-based view. Using the literature on IT and related disciplines and supplementing it with findings from 60 in-depth interviews with IT representatives, we found that IT capability consists of three dimensions: IT-related assets, operational-level IT capabilities, and dynamic IT capabilities. More specifically, we distinguish specific types of IT-related asset, such as IT infrastructure, IT informational, and IT-enabled assets. We then identify three sets of operational-level IT capability that can mobilize and deploy each specific type of IT-related asset. Finally, we identity three types of dynamic IT capability that a firm possesses to combine and assimilate different sets of operational-level IT capability to generate value-creating strategies. We discuss the implications of our research at the end.

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