Exploring CRM and SRM User’ Satisfaction in B2B Relationships Management

Authors: Kooli, K., Ben Mansour, K and Cornwell, V

Journal: Journal of Customer Behaviour

Volume: 15

Issue: 1

ISSN: 1477-6421


This paper explores CRM and SRM systems user’ satisfaction and its effect on Business to Business (B2B) relationships management. In the literature, a lot has been said about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) particularly in B2C context. However, fewer attempts to explore Supply Relationship Management (SRM) have been made. An inductive approach was adopted to explore CRM and SRM user’ satisfaction in achieving stronger B2B relationships. A single case study using observation, focus groups and interviews was implemented. Findings show that user’ involvement in systems design generates user’ motivation to use the systems which in turn improves user’satisfaction. This therefore, improves the company relationships with both suppliers and customers.


Source: Manual

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