Convolution Filtering of Continuous Signed Distance Fields for Polygonal Meshes

Authors: Sanchez, M., Fryazinov, O., Fayolle, P.A. and Pasko, A.

Journal: Computer Graphics Forum

Volume: 34

Issue: 6

Pages: 277-288

eISSN: 1467-8659

ISSN: 0167-7055

DOI: 10.1111/cgf.12599


Signed distance fields obtained from polygonal meshes are commonly used in various applications. However, they can have C1 discontinuities causing creases to appear when applying operations such as blending or metamorphosis. The focus of this work is to efficiently evaluate the signed distance function and to apply a smoothing filter to it while preserving the shape of the initial mesh. The resulting function is smooth almost everywhere, while preserving the exact shape of the polygonal mesh. Due to its low complexity, the proposed filtering technique remains fast compared to its main alternatives providing C1-continuous distance field approximation. Several applications are presented such as blending, metamorphosis and heterogeneous modelling with polygonal meshes.

Source: Scopus