Biodiesel Performance within Internal Combustion Engine Fuel System - A Review

Authors: Khan, Z., Saeed, A., Gregory, E. and Ghafoor, A.

Journal: Tribology in Industry

Volume: 38

Issue: 2

Pages: 197-213

Publisher: University of Kragujevac

eISSN: 2217-7965

ISSN: 2217-7965

This review paper highlights the tribological performance of biodiesel at contacting surfaces in the fuel delivery system of compression ignition (diesel) engines. The focus is on the injection components that include low and high pressure injection pumps, diesel fuel injectors, electro-hydraulic valves, diesel fuel lubricity measurements and effects of biodiesel on the running conditions in a diesel fuel injection system. The common rail system and the distributor pump injection systems with electronic diesel control are among the modern trends that are specifically highlighted. Boundary, mixed and hydrodynamic lubrication regimes together with lubricant oil film thickness, pressure and engine performance are also considered

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