Teaching to Encourage Deep Learning in Paramedic Science Students: A Case Study

Authors: Phillips, P.

Journal: Journal of Paramedic Practice: the clinical monthly for emergency care professionals

Volume: 7

Issue: 11

Pages: 560-567

Publisher: MA Healthcare Ltd

ISSN: 1759-1376


The needs of the modern NHS requires a paramedic that can analyse complex data, make increasingly complex decisions and use evidence to inform treatment plans to ensure quality in patient care. The student paramedic will not simply acquire these qualities; rather higher education should be focussed on teaching that encourages deep learning. If successful, the design of teaching and learning will ensure that, upon graduation, a paramedic has the skills of critical thinking, autonomous practice and lifelong learning that will enable them to provide the best care for patients. This article is a case study examining the design of a series of lectures about history-taking. The lectures were designed specifically to encourage deep learning in paramedic students. The design of teaching and learning activities is explored alongside current evidence to assess the extent to which deep learning was achieved amongst the students. Throughout the article it is evident that a deep approach to learning, in higher education, is crucial if the profession is to meet the needs of patients and the NHS.

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