Embedding the value of learning by extending professional boundaries

Authors: Quinney, C., Lamont, M., Holley, D. and Biggins, D.

Journal: Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education


Responding to the changing landscape of higher education requires the development and implementation of flexible and imaginative approaches in order to continually inspire, engage and support academics and professional services staff, in delivering high quality student-centred learning experiences. At Bournemouth University (BU), the cross-university Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) was created to promote, support and co-ordinate pedagogic initiatives and embed the explicit valuing of learning into all aspects of university life. It represents a collaborative, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary model with multiple stakeholder voices. Operationalised through the secondment of academics two days a week, and taking a thematic approach, theme Leaders ‘bid’ for the secondment, and agree to drive forward an agreed agenda. The BU ‘FUSION’ corporate strategy promotes clear links between Pedagogy, Professional Practice and Research; thus the CEL themes are Employability; Innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning and Assessment & Feedback.

We believe that sustainability and creativity is promoted through the building of networks and the sharing of challenges and the development of possible solutions, however, as academics moving into the realms of learning development, the reactions of our peers, our students and our own disciplinary roots are constantly being challenged, contested, and reframed. This paper offers a model for mapping change and optimising ‘disruptive practices’ within HE institutional settings.

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