David Biggins

Dr David Biggins

  • Senior Lecturer in Project Management
  • Poole House P604, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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David works in the Department of Creative Technology as a Lecturer in Games Business.

David recently completed his PhD in project management.


1. The application of project management to business.

2. Education research involving TEL.

3. The Boer War 1899-1902.

Journal Articles



  • Biggins, D. and Kitchenham, A., 2019. Hidden learning spaces: What learning analytics cannot tell us. In: Association of Learning Technology Conference 2019 3-5 September 2019 Edinburgh.
  • Biggins, D. and clarke, S., 2017. Developing digital competencies in academic staff: One institution's experience of applying Lean. In: Lean in Higher Education Conference: Implementing, Measuring and Sustaining Change 1-3 November 2017 Sydney.
  • Holley, D., Biggins, D., Evangelinos, G. and Zezulkova, M., 2017. Digital Competence and Capability Frameworks in the Context of Learning, Self-Development and HE Pedagogy. In: Third International Conference. Dublin, Ireland 4 May 2017 Dublin.
  • Holley, D., Biggins, D. and Lamont, C., 2017. iInnovate: trying something different together. In: ALDinHE 10-12 April 2017 University of Hull.
  • Biggins, D., Holley, D., Evangelinos, G. and Zezulkova, M., 2017. Digital competence and capability frameworks in the context of learning, self-development and HE pedagogy. 46-53.
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  • Biggins, D., 2015. Perspectives on Project Management Methods. In: British Academy of Management 8-10 September 2015 Portsmouth.
  • Biggins, D.J., 2014. Medals awarded for the battle of Talana. In: From the Boer to the Great War International Military History Conference 115th Anniversary Anglo Boer War 1899-1902 Centenary The Great War 1914-1918 20-22 October 2014 Dundee, South Africa.



  • Biggins, D., 2018. An exploratory investigation into how project management methods are chosen and implemented by organisations in the UK. PhD Thesis. University of Manchester.


  • Bolat, E. et al., 2016. Digital Me, Pop-up Photo Exhibition. Photo. Digital Me. Sovereign Shopping Centre, Boscombe, Bournemouth. 5 November 2016.
  • Biggins, D. and Holley, D., 2016. Demonstration of the BU TEL Toolkit. 3rd EAI International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training, 2016. Univerity College Dublin.
  • Biggins, D. and Holley, D.. The BU TEL Tooklit. Jisc Student Experience Experts’ Group Meeting. Birmingham. 12 October 2016.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Technology Enhanced Learning: Creativity in Design

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Innovation and Business Development

Invited Lectures

  • Project management in production management, Media School, 07 Jan 2019 more
  • Project Management Standards, Scitech, 07 Dec 2018 more
  • Project Management Planning, FoM, 03 Oct 2018 more
  • Project management in production management, Media School, 11 Jan 2018 more
  • Project Management Standards, Scitech, 07 Dec 2017 more
  • Project Management and RACI, FoM, 13 Oct 2017 more
  • Project management in production management, Media School, 16 Jan 2017 more
  • Project management in production management, FMC, 05 Oct 2016 more
  • Microsoft Project, LLS, 16 Mar 2016 more
  • Project Management Standards, SciTech, 26 Nov 2015 more
  • PRINCE2, SciTech, Bournemouth University, 30 Oct 2014 more
  • Project management in production management, Media School, Bournemouth University, 08 Oct 2014 more
  • Project managing your MBA, Bournemouth University, 24 Sep 2014 more
  • PRINCE2, SchTech, Bournemouth University, 22 Oct 2013 more
  • Introduction to PRINCE2, University of Manchester, 01 Feb 2013 more


  • UoA25 writing retreat (Bournemouth University, 01 Apr 2017). In Progress
  • An Ontology of digital toolkits (Bournemouth University, 01 Nov 2016). In Progress
  • Student technology trainer pilot (Bournemouth University, 01 Jan 2016). Awarded
  • The TEL toolkit’ and follow-on project ‘Horizon Scanning: the affordances of Augmented and Immersive Technologies (Bournemouth University, 01 Dec 2015). Completed
  • Digital Toolkit Development (Bournemouth University, 02 Nov 2015). Awarded
  • Co-creating a Multiple Choice Question repository with students and for all students (Bournemouth University, Fusion Investment Fund, FIF strand: Co-creation and co-production, 30 Nov 2014). Completed
  • Project Management building blocks for BU students and staff: Essential skills in Microsoft Project (Bournemouth University, 01 Jun 2014). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • Wessex PM Academic Community, Organiser (2014-2017)

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Festival of Learning

Conference Presentations

  • IASP 2019 Congress, Journalism Students Perspectives on the Reporting of Suicide in the UK and Ireland, 17 Sep 2019, Derry, Londonderry
  • Association for Learning Technology Conference, Reimagining teaching practice: Results and recommendations from a three year programme to promote technological innovation in academic staff, 03 Sep 2019, Edinburgh
  • Association for Learning Technology Conference, Upside down: staff and student led digital learning strategies in UK HEIs Critical perspectives in Learning Technology, 11 Sep 2018, Manchester
  • CELebrate 2018, Pushing the boundaries, 13 Jun 2018, Bournemouth
  • University College Dublin Education Technology Conference 2018, Keynote: Achieving student success using Brightspace, 15 Mar 2018, Dublin
  • Jisc Digifest, #Hashtags, apps and social media: The next generation of the TEL Toolkit, 06 Mar 2018, Birmingham
  • CELebrate 2017, What is iInnovate is telling us about assessment and feedback?, 13 Jun 2017, Bournemouth
  • CELebrate 2017, Using audience response systems for engagement and feedback, 13 Jun 2017, Bournemouth


  • PhD in Project management (University of Manchester, 2018)
  • PGCE in Education Practice (Bournemouth University, 2014)
  • BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Computing (Open University, 2001)
  • MBA in Business (Open University, 2000)
  • BA (Hons) in Russian (Nottingham University, 1985)


  • Runner up for the Herbert Walter award for best PhD in project Management (Association for Project Management, 2019)
  • Best Paper Award (3rd EAI International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training (eLEOT), 2016)
  • Most Brilliant Lecturer (Bournemouth University Students Union (SUBU), 2015)
  • ‘Most Outstandingly Brilliant’ Gold Award (Bournemouth University Students Union (SUBU), 2015)
  • Award of Merit (Orders and Medals Research Society, 2015)


  • Association of Learning Developers, Member (2016-), http://www.aldinhe.ac.uk/
  • Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow (2016-),
  • British Academy of Management, Member (2015-),
  • Wessex Project Management Academic Community, Chair (2014-2017),
  • Project Management Institute, Member (2012-),
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