Developing Critical Citizenship: proposals for a postgraduate module on Community Media

Authors: Scifo, S.

Journal: Investigations in university teaching and learning

Volume: 5

Issue: 2

Pages: 145-152

Publisher: London Metropolitan University

ISSN: 1740-5106


This paper outlines proposals for a postgraduate theory-based module, 'Community Media: history, theory, context' at London Metropolitan University that is to be twinned with a practice-based module, Community Media Production (in the subsequent semester), where students will be able to apply the critical skills and theories learnt here to an audio/video or internet community media project to be developed in small working groups (up to 4 students) and "produce work which is informed by, and contextualised within, relevant theoretical issues and debates" (QAA, 2008: 14). Both modules will be part of a planned MA in Community Media.

Source: Manual

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